YG’s new marketing push for 2NE1 continues on and they have tasked Sandara and Park Bom with a new mission. They will now have to form a promotions team for 2NE1 and their ventures will now be aired on the new “Double Park TV” show. 

On July 11th, YG Entertainment posted a new video on their official blog, YG-Life. In this strange new video we see a message arriving from YG Head Honcho Yang Hyun Suk and in this message he has given Sandara and Park Bom a new mission. Their mission being to form a promotions team. He even gives them a name for this new venture, Double Park, which comes from the fact that both the girls’ last names are “Park.” We then see them getting some stylish new business cards with Sandara being the General Manager for the 2NE1 Communications Team and Park Bom being just a mere agent. 


Certainly the trailer has a “2NE1 TV” vibe to it and it seems like it will be a show that isn’t going to take itself too seriously. Sandara has also provided everyone with more information on her Twitter mentioning how “Double Park will be done in a single take no matter what! There is no such things as NGs or reshoots for us. We don’t have any scripts and we don’t have any plans. Not even we know what we are doing. I’m worried about our sake as well” and then finishes off by asking everyone “What would you like us to do? Please mention us if you have any ideas.”


I for one enjoyed 2NE1’s previous self shows like “2NE1 TV” and the subsequent seasons so i hope this will continue that sort of light hearted content.

Here is the preview for “Double Park TV”