2NE1 fans know that Sandara is YGE‘s very own promotions manager. Sandara always took the position with pride, and seemed to work hard to fulfill her duties. 

However, on her most recent me2day update, Sandara uploaded a slightly comical, but upset photo of herself with the caption, “My worries became reality, dudung. Because I didn’t promote ‘Hate You,’ and ‘Ugly’ well due to my busy schedule, I have been demoted to deputy officer. There were ideas I had thought of, but there wasn’t enough time for me to initiate them. So I ambitiously prepared the ‘Not Ugly’ campaign! It will start soon. (No matter how pretty the face is, if the heart isn’t nice, it’s ugly, right?)”


Meanwhile, 2NE1 just released their newest single “Ugly.” Check out the music video below if you haven’t done so already!


Source: YT @2NE1 | Naver