Sandara Park, from girl group 2NE1, has recently visited her second home country the Philippines.

On October 23, she wrote on her twitter “Sandara rules!” and also posted a picture to go along with the caption. Inside the picture, she’s doing a variation of the tree pose and has her right leg bent facing forward instead. She looks to be at ease wearing comfy casual and totally unphased by the man right behind her.

She later updated her twitter, “I have a humble number of friends in Korea, but in the Philippines, I have crazy connections. I couldn’t meet everyone because of a tight schedule, but I still feel great being able to come to this place I dearly miss.”

Meanwhile, labelmates Big Bang will hold their “Alive Galaxy Tour 2012” in the Philippines on October 24. Member Taeyang updated his twitter with a picture of the group and wrote, “Off to philippine (smile)”

2NE1 fans, is that her manager behind her?