On Octboer 24, singer Sandara Park from 2NE1 posted on the website me2day a picture of herself with a freakishly long glass of beer and wrote, “I want to introduce you guys to a proper glass of beer from the Philippines. If you come here, try this! Oh, not for children. I didn’t drink this either. Because my face looks so young….Haha just joking! Sorry for that gag!”

 As well as for her funny pose, her fashion sense was impressive with her huge sunglasses and a cap that made her face appear all the more smaller.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “Your face looks so young, just like a baby!,” “I will indeed try that if I go to the Philippines,” “Sandara seems to have lost weight,” and “I love beer!”

On the upcoming November 10, 2NE1 will participate in the “2012 SBS K-POP SUPERCONCERT IN AMERICA” located in Irvine, California, in celebration of the 130th anniversary of Korean-American diplomatic relations.