Filipino native, Sandara Park, will be releasing her first ever solo song this upcoming September 7th. Sandara, also know as Dara to most fans, has only been around since May and is now being rushed into releasing her first solo single, entitled Kiss. “Kiss” is planned to be included in
the new 2NE1 album due to hit stores in mid-October of this year. The song, “Kiss,” is written by no other than
Teddy himself, who also has written and composed almost all of the songs for 2NE1 so far. Dara‘s company, YG Entertainment, also has said their is plans to release a solo song for fellow members Park Bom and CL in the near future, but not for maknae Minzy, as seeing she is busy with her school work.

“Kiss” is said to be a very catchy and dance-y track, just like 2NE1‘s debut song with Big Bang, “Lollipop,”
and it is to have 2NE1 leader CL featured as a rapper. The song is about a girl needing her man to be more aggressive, and simply just kiss her.

YG Entertainment has then stated, “All the members of 2NE1 have their own strong
style. Starting with “Kiss,” we will slowly unveil the other members’
talents and styles.”

Meanwhile, Sandara Park has also been shooting a new CF for Cass 2X Beer. In the CF, Boys Over Flowers cast member, Lee Min Ho is also featured alongside Dara and does actually does give her what she really wants… a kiss! Expect to see the CF being released sometime this week!

quote : allkpop