The original beastly idol group 2PM is celebrating their seventh anniversary today on September 4!

2PM was formed through the trainee reality show “Hot Blooded Men,” which also created the group 2AM. They debuted to huge popularity back in 2008 with their single “Ten Out of Ten,” and have since released several hit albums, including their most recent album “No. 5.

At 11:40 p.m. KST on September 3, 2PM began a special live broadcast on Naver’s V app to celebrate their anniversary with their fans.

2pm 2

The whole show is a lot of fun, and features the guys replying to fan comments, chatting, eating, and playing Jenga. They also challenge themselves to a game where they have to dance along to their hits that are played at random.

When the clock strikes midnight, they count down and then celebrate with a cake. Jun.K says, “A lot of things have happened, a lot of good things. We’ve worked hard to make it up this mountain. Thank you so much to everyone for being by our side. We’ll keep climbing until it’s been 17 years, and then 27 years. You’ll be together with us, right?”

Taecyeon and Jun.K also take viewers on a quick tour of the JYP Entertainment headquarters. Taecyeon stops by the rehearsal studio to check in on GOT7 and celebrate Mark‘s birthday, and then does hilarious imitations of all the different groups in the agency as he shows off their photos in the hall.

Congrats on an amazing seven years, 2PM!

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