On March 10, 2PM had their final concert in Hong Kong. This marked the end of their successful “Asian Tour Concert Hands Up.” The concert sold nearly 160,000 tickets.

In South Korea they sold 7,000 tickets and in Japan they sold 100,000 tickets. The total number of tickets sold across Indonesia, Jakarta, Singapore, Thailand, Bangkok, Nanjing, and Hong Kong were 52,000.

This was 2PM’s first Hong Kong concert on March 10. However all 9,000 seats for the concert were all sold out two months prior to the event.

2PM held a press conference the day before the concert on March 10. They also had a high-touch event with 500 fans.

2PM stated, “We were so happy, because we had such an enjoyable time spent meeting fans that love our music in person. We promise that when we come back we will be better.”

2PM will hold a fan meeting on April 1.