2PM group member Junho and actress Uhm Jung Hwa recently revealed their close relationship.

On April 7 (Korea Time), Uhm Jung Hwa posted onto her twitter, “Good night! Life happens. Let’s gain strength!” perplexing her followers and fans on what troubles may have come across the actress’ way.

But it was not only her fans that saw this post.  2PM member, Junho, too saw the post and he replied with words of encouragement, “Nuna! Please gain strength. I miss you!”  

Uhm Jung Hwa gladly accepted his kind words and responded later that morning to him with, “Good morning! [Thanks to you] Nuna has gained strength. Are you doing well? I miss you too! Fighting!”

Netizens who saw these kind words shared back and forth commented on their friendship with words like, “It’s nice seeing such great friendship”, “I thought she was only close to TOP [from idols]”, and “Exactly how far does Uhm Jung Hwa’s connection [in the entertainment industry] go?”

Despite the age difference, Junho and Uhm Jung Hwa displayed very close comradeship. What are some other close friendships in the entertainment industry that you are envious of?