2PM’s Junho participated in his first pictorial and interview since his military discharge with GQ Korea!


Junho completed his service in March and, like many idols who return from enlistment, has come back with a very mature image. Although the shoot was his first in a very long time, the actor-idol easily got back into the flow of posing.


In the interview, he discussed his upcoming music promotions with 2PM for the first time since 2016. He shared, “Surprisingly, I feel calm. I used to have a sense of needing to prove something, but now, I get excited for what I can do.”


While he was serving in the military, 2PM’s 2015 song “My House” came back to popularity and the music charts. Back then, Junho’s sexy image was enhanced, earning his performances the nickname “My House Junho.”

At first, I was a bit taken aback. We didn’t intend for that kind of response. Originally, the stages for ‘My House’ were meant to focus solely on our performance. So I tried to keep everything other than the dancing simple. The sexy gaze? I didn’t even think of it.




When he reflects on himself, Junho stated that he has always been unique in the way that he thinks that “everything will work out no matter what.” Even if it doesn’t, he believes he can “make it happen.” He explained, “I don’t think negative thoughts like doubting something will work out.

Finally, fans have also given Junho the nickname “Ambitious Junho,” as he is very optimistic and determined.

I like the word ‘ambition.’ In my dictionary, ‘ambition’ is a hundred times the passion of wanting to make something happen. It’s a thought I’ve had ever since I was little.