“Just Between Lovers,” starring 2PM’s Junho and Won Jin Ah, recently aired a making film behind the manhole scene.

In the scene, Won Jin Ah’s character falls into a manhole while attempting to retrieve some papers that fell inside. However, the making film reveals some of the realities behind filming the tricky scene.

For instance, the papers wouldn’t fly properly in the real wind so the production staff attached fishing lines to the paper so they could pull them away at will. However, Won Jin Ah then had trouble matching her timing to when the papers would be pulled away.

The “manhole” was also a fake set built by the production staff with one end left open for the camera. When it came time for Junho to “rescue” Won Jin Ah from the water, the two actors joked around before getting serious when the cameras began rolling. However, the scene where Junho works to pull her up was all done without Won Jin Ah actually holding his hand.

Check out the making film below:

You can watch the first episode of “Just Between Lovers” below: