2PM’s Junsu has decided to change his name to Kim Min Joon. On October 17, he tweeted, “Because of a family matter, it was decided to change my name. Official stage name will be ‘Jun.K’ as it was before but the real name has changed to ‘Min-Jun.’ Junsu will no longer be used in the future.” He wrote the same message in Japanese and in Korean for his fans. 

 The announcement came as a surprise to everyone, and the singer didn’t elaborate on the reason behind the change other than stating that it was because of a “family matter.” 

Junsu has been promoting under the name Jun. K since he started writing songs and going solo. It’s been said that he will continue to use Jun. K. for his solo activities but will use his new name, Min Jun, when working as part of 2PM. 

Netizens who came across the unexpected announcement commented, “We respect your decision <3 Min Jun oppa,” “It’ll take a while to get used to,” “It doesn’t really stick just yet,” and more.