On April 1, 2PM’s Nichkhun tweeted, “My mom recently told me that her father was an English man so that makes me a quarter British! That explains why I only turn red when I tan!” He followed up the tweet with another, “We prepared another track for our fan meeting today, but everyone left so fast. I’m so sad.”

Since his debut, Nichkhun has received a lot of comments regarding his handsome appearance and distinct features. As a result, a number of fans were quick to believe Nichkhun’s tweet. While he fooled some, others were quick to realize that it was April Fools’ Day.  

As semi-expected, he tweeted, “Aprils fools! I’m not a quarter British. I was also joking about having the extra track prepared~ =] have a happy one people~” several minutes before the end of the day.

Netizens commented, “”I really thought he was part British,” “He definitely looks like it,” “He’s a good liar,” and more.