On the most recent episode of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay,” a segment featuring 2PM’s most recent Korean fan meeting was aired.

During the fan meeting, Nichkhun commented, “(When I have a lover) I don’t eat at night because I’m doing other things at night,” causing much laughter to the fan meeting. To this, the other 2PM members mischievously asked, “What are you thinking about?” causing another round of laughter.

Also, when asked what Taecyeon’s strengths were later on during an interview with a reporter from “Entertainment Relay,” Nichkhun gave a slightly absurd answer by saying, “He has a large body, and a lot of muscles. He also has thick hair,” bringing even more laughter.

Additionally, when Chansung was asked what Nichkhun’s strengths were, Chansung answered, “He is a good hyung who knows how to take care of people and knows how to give advice.” 2PM, being 2PM, then interjected and said, “So youre saying he doesn’t have any good points!” and startled Chansung.

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