2PM‘s Taecyeon recently participated in a fun interview with 1st Look Korea where he discussed several aspects of his schedule and personal life. One juicy detail Taecyeon dished about was his group’s comeback!


Back in January of this year, the group reported that they plan on making a comeback soon once the last member, Junho, fulfills his military duties. Junho is said to be discharged on March 20, 2021. So with all the members together, everyone is curious about how the group’s comeback preparations are going.

In his interview, Taecyeon expressed his gratitude for their Hottest (2PM’s fandom name) always patiently waiting for their comeback and that the group is putting in their best effort!

Q: What does it feel like with the 2PM comeback coming up?

I’m so thankful to the fans waiting. We’re working hard on it. We’re working hard on it.

— Taecyeon


Though the group is working very hard for their fans, Taecyeon conveyed his feelings on the pressure of trying to create an amazing comeback. Taecyeon further vented on the group’s stress on coming up with a song that will be loved or even more loved than their song “My House.”

It’s difficult. I mean, what kind of comeback will people like? And while we were in the military, a lot people like the song ‘My House.’ So I guess we’re more confused.

— Taecyeon


Furthermore, Taecyeon continued and shared his concerns over creating a comeback that fans will love. Of course, the sound and trends of music evolve over time and Taecyeon revealed his worries over that factor as well.

So I guess we’re more confused. What should we be going for with this comeback? What will people like? And the music trend’s changed so much so we’re thinking a lot…and working on songs…

— Taecyeon


Despite the stress, Taecyeon clarified that the group is looking forward to making their comeback and greeting their fans soon!

I think 2PM–with all the members–will be with you soon enough

— Taecyeon