Idol group 2PM will become teachers for a Korean learning program on NHK, a very big broadcasting company in Japan.

On March 1, Sankei Sports reported, “Korea’s six-member team, 2PM, will be shooting, ‘Learning Korean on Television,’ which will first air on April 2. The program will be airing every Monday at 10 AM. It is the first regular program that 2PM will be appearing in Japan. A press conference was held on February 29 at the Tokyo Shibuya.”

“Learning Korean on Television” will teach Japanese citizens basic Korean words and phrases, especially those that can be used during travel in Korea. The 2PM members just finished recording the first episode and they commented, “We worried a lot about how we were going to teach Korean but we were able to enjoy it.” They told the Japanese press, “If you love 2PM a lot, then we think your Korean will improve faster!”