2PM has released the album jacket photos for their second Japanese single, “I’m Your Man.” After making their Japanese debut with “Take Off” in May, 2PM has become one of the most popular idol groups in Japan. And following the release of their teaser video for “I’m Your Man” and today’s release of album jacket photos, fan anticipation for the group’s return to Japan is shooting through the roof! (See video teaser of their dance above!)


In the photos, 2PM is neatly dressed in a suit, exuding the masculinity and “animal-idol” image 2PM is best-known for. The album will be released in a regular single and limited edition as well.

“With the release of jacket photos for 2PM’s second Japanese single, ‘I’m Your Man,’ industry expectation for 2PM’s return is higher than ever. ‘I’m Your Man’ is a song that expresses 2PM’s masculinity, and they will show a ‘necktie’ performance using actual neckties, so look forward to their performance,” JYP Japan said in a statement.

The music video of “I’m Your Man” will first be released on August 1st through 2PM’s official Japanese homepage (www.2pmjapan.com) and the single will hit stores on August 17th in Japan.