2PM member Chansung made some revelations regarding label mates 2AM Seulong and Wonder Girls Sohee‘s dating rumors.

On the February 29 episode of MBC‘s “Radio Star,” Chansung commented on the supposed relationship of Seulong and Sohee.

MC Yoon Jong Shin asked him, “How did the agency react when they heard that the two were dating?”
Chansung replied, “They didn’t take it seriously. The pictures were taken right when Seulong and Sohee were having a meal.”

MC Yoo Sae Yoon the asked Chansung, “Is dating permitted within the company?” To this Chansung then answered, “The president of JYPE tells us to date but producer Park Jin Young tell us not to.”

Regarding Chansung and T-ara Eunjung‘ scandal he stated, “Because we have a close relationship these kind of misunderstandings are bound to happen.”

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