2PM’s Chansung and Junho reunited with fellow member Wooyoung!

On August 14, a photo was posted of Chansung, Junho, and Wooyoug on 2PM’s official Instagram. The two members reunited with Wooyoung after attending his military training completion ceremony.

The caption said, “The young boys were with Wooyoung boy today! Junho said that he finished practice late at night so he fell asleep really exhausted but woke up early in the morning excited to see Wooyoung, Chansung had a scheduled event early in the morning so he couldn’t sleep at all but ran over as soon as it was over because he wanted to see Wooyoung, and Wooyoung said he bit his lips to hold back his tears when he saw Junho and Chansung’s faces during the ceremony. The three of them met up for the first time in a while, ate delicious food, chatted, laughed, and then said goodbye really, really sadly.”

Wooyoung enlisted on July 9 and completed his five weeks of basic training on August 14. He received his official assignment and will serve in the 21st Division in Gangwon Province.

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