You may know him as 2PM’s Chansung, but this is one part-timer who truly does it all! As Nam Bong Gi on Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi, Chansung’s seemingly ne’er-do-well character is, in fact, the King Of Part-Time Jobs.  How many jobs can he do, exactly? Check it out!

Coffee Delivery Guy

chansung ms temper

I’ll take one of those with cream and sugar, bae.

Dude In A Suit

suit ep5

Nam Bong Gi shows up (in a suit!) to help the Lovely Cosmetics team figure out what’s what at the warehouse. (Sidenote: gentlemen, never underestimate the power of a suit.) Now I know who to ask when I need a man in a suit. Hey – it’s a well-dressed man that makes everyone wonder “who IS that guy?”

reacts ep5 collage

Commercial Actor

commercial actor ep6

Yes, he’s ready for some on-camera work. Just say action! He’ll even help you come up with an advertising campaign.

Home Shopping Model With Benefits

hsn model ep5

While modeling for a home shopping channel, Nam Bong Gi actually helps bring attention to a certain product for promotional airtime. Yes, he’s a television model – and so much more!

Impromptu Sushi Chef

sushi chef ep8

He’ll even play a sushi chef if need be, especially if it’ll uncover any unprofessional miscreants in the workplace.

Expert Shower Tester

ep7 shower tester

Yes, he can test your shower when you’re not home. To a 2PM song, natch.

2pm shower song

Marathon Subber

marathon runner sub ep7

Need to sub in a runner for a marathon? No problem. Nam Bong Gi’s got this.

YouTube Talent Influencer

ep8 youtube influencer

Need a promotional boost from a YouTuber? Let Bong Gi work some magic.

Screen shot 2016-05-02 at 5.00.49 PM

Corporate Spy

Screen shot 2016-04-20 at 8.51.54 PM

Smell something fishy going on in corporate waters? Let Nam Bong Gi sniff it out. He’ll be happy to take on the job and go incognito.

collage corporate spy

Professional Babysitter

prof babysitter ep9

He can even cover childcare for the day while you’re busy at the office. Not bad, eh?

Print Model

Screen shot 2016-05-02 at 4.10.03 PM

He’s even ready to work as a print model. Yes, I know. Impressive and shocking to have this many qualifications, right?

Screen shot 2016-05-02 at 4.12.15 PM

Alright, Nam Bong Gi, all the other part-timers got nothin’ on you. Which reminds me, I do need someone to reach high shelves and lift heavy things around the house…

Screen shot 2016-05-02 at 4.12.39 PM

You can watch “Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi” here:

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