2PM’s Chansung became a business owner! On October 31, it was reported that 2PM’s maknae recently opened up his own gym, “CS Gym,” named after his own initials!

“Chansung started a new business with some of his close friends and hyungs he regularly works out with. A lot of celebrities, including 2PM and 2AM frequently visit this place. They’ve been busy working out and staying in shape,” a person close with Chansung told Star News.

“CS Gym” is reported to be located in the Shinsa-Dong area of the Gangnam district. We haven’t been there yet, but our guess is it’s close to the gym run by Lee Hoon, which is also frequented by other celebrities.

Meanwhile, Chansung will soon make his acting debut through MBC drama “The Secret Lovers.” He will play the role of Gong Do Ha, alongside Choi Kang Hee and Joo Won. The drama is a TV adaptation of the 2009 movie, “Level 7 Federal Agent.”