2PM’s Chansung posted on me2day a picture of himself in an everyday look.

On July 26th through his me2day, Chansung wrote, “The moment I woke up I received a call from my mother and took a picture of me with my swollen face,” “this is right next to my bed in my room.” He continued, “I am kind of embarrassed with my no-makeup look, it’s not like I have great skin, but because the quality of the picture isn’t great it is alright.”

In the picture you can see Chansung and silk screen with his picture drawn on it.

Netizens have commented, “Even though you took a picture after waking up you look fine,” “no-makeup? You are really good looking,” “Why are you embarrassed, you are just gorgeous.”

Also, It was announced on July 26th that 2PM’s “Hands Up” was the #1 song for KBS “Music Bank” last week, which did not air music charts due to its Tokyo Dome Special Concert. The award marks four straight #1s for 2PM’s “Hands Up,” giving it the longest winning streak of the show this year.

Source: Star News