2PM’sHands Up Asia Tour 2011-2012” came to an end on March 11 in Hong Kong. Since September 2011, the tour visited eight countries for 10 total concerts, and sold out all events for a record-high crowd in 2PM’s concert tour history.

CJ E&M, the main organizer of this concert tour, said, “Although the base region for K-Pop is the Asian market, there are not a lot of artists who can completely sell out 10 concerts in eight different countries over a six month period.”

“The economic impact of this concert tour is estimated to be 60 billion won ($53 million USD). It’s not just the album and ticket sales, but sponsorship and corporate marketing, local promotions, and a lot of other factors. Plus, you must take into account that it helped stabilize K-Pop and Hallyu in the region,” CJ E&M added.

JYP Entertainment commented on the success of 2PM’s world tour by saying, “We are thankful to the fans for helping us achieve this success. It feels good to be able to contribute to the expansion of K-Pop artists to other Asian countries. We’d like to thank our Korean fans for waiting for us during the Asian Tour and we’ll return the love by resuming the Korean activities soon.”