It’s been confirmed that 2PM’s Junho and Jung So Min will be starring in the new film “Gibang Bachelor” (working title)!

“Gibang Bachelor” is a comedic, fusion historical film that will be directed by “The Last Ride” director Nam Dae Joong. The film is about Huh Saek (played by Junho), Joseon dynasty’s first male courtesan who captures the hearts of all the ladies, and Hae Won (played by Jung So Min), a beautiful woman with a progressive mindset.

After becoming acknowledged for his acting with “Cold Eyes” and “Twenty,” Junho adjusted flawlessly to various roles in dramas such as “Wok of Love,” “Just Between Lovers,” and “Chief Kim.” Junho is expected to showcase his acting skills as the role of Huh Saek, the young master who was born as the son of of a courtesan and raised in a gibang (the place where courtesans live).

Rising actress Jung So Min has starred in various dramas including “Father Is Strange,” “Because This Is My First Life,” and “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.” Having played diverse roles with her strong acting skills, Jung So Min is expected to steal the audiences’ attention with her on-screen “love chemistry” with Junho.

Fans were especially excited to hear that two actors would be filming together as they’ve already shown off their refreshing chemistry through the movie “Twenty.” On his feelings about being cast for the film, Junho said, “Some of the biggest reasons I chose this project were that, above all, the script was fun, and the character had a different charm from ones I’ve seen before.” Jung So Min said, “I’m already excited since I think the film will be interesting due to its unique topic. I’ll work hard to showcase good acting.”

“Gibang Bachelor” is already drawing attention for its unique plot line and strong casting. Filming is expected to start this month.

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