2PM member Junho was a guest on the December 9 episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” where he revealed a painful story from his high school days.

“Ask Us Anything” has a signature introductory game where the cast members try to guess facts or stories about the guests of the day. Junho told the members to guess the shocking words he heard when he was in high school from older senior girls.

Seo Jang Hoon guessed the correct answer which was, “He doesn’t look like Rain. He’s just ugly.”

Junho explained, “My homeroom teacher in middle school said I looked like Rain. Since then, rumors spread that I looked like Rain. After that, I entered high school and went to the school store.”

He continued, “Someone said, ‘Hey that kid that looks like Rain is here,’ and three pretty girls who were the popular senior girls came over. They looked at me, then angrily shouted, ‘How does he look similar [to Rain]? He’s just really ugly.’ They said something out loud they could’ve just said [quietly] amongst themselves and upset me while I was just eating some crackers.”

Kim Heechul commented that it seemed like Junho toned down what the girls had really said back then. Junho then revealed what the girls originally said and shocked the cast members on set with curse words that were all censored on-air.

Junho concluded, “I got humiliated on my first day of high school. After I heard that, I felt intimidated. I never said I looked like [Rain], but I got hurt. After that, I spent my days quietly.”

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