While it may have been almost a decade since 2PM first debuted, their bromance seems stronger than ever!

During a recent interview, Junho expressed gratitude for his long-standing friendship with the other members.

“The members [of 2PM] are incredibly decent people. The past 10 years have been a lot of work, but we endured and have been there for one another,” the idol explained.

“During that time, Nichkhun worked really hard and went through a lot. To be blunt, he’s a really devoted person. He would turn down solo projects, where he could make his own money, in order to participate in 2PM activities and refused to leave the rest of us,” he added. “I really think it’s great we were able to stick together.”

Meanwhile, the last episode of Junho’s comedic drama “Chief Kim” aired on March 30 with high ratings. According to previous reports, the idol is currently preparing to release a solo album in Japan.

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