In an interview on April 5, 2PM’s Junho talked about how his hilarious kiss scene with “Chief Kim” co-star Namgoong Min happened.

The actor said, “I feel like [that kiss scene] is the greatest moment of skinship (physical affection) in the whole drama. While skinship usually happens between an actor and actress, I was honored that the scene came to me. That scene was 100% ad-libbed.”

He continued, “Namgoong Min was joking around and asked ‘should we have a kiss scene right now?’ The director thought it was a good idea but I was a little hesitant; however, after we filmed it, I realized how funny it was. We filmed that kiss scene so many times with different reactions to the point where we wondered if it was okay for us to be doing this.”

Meanwhile, “Chief Kim” recently ended its successful run and the cast shared their gratitude and regrets regarding the drama. Plus, it was announced that the popular drama would be published as a book in collaboration with a webtoon artist.

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