On December 20, 2PM’s Junho made an Instagram post requesting that his family’s peace and privacy be respected.

The post was made in the form of a list of five requests:

  1. Please stop hacking my sister’s Instagram and contacting my family with threats against their lives.

  2. Please stop sending violent threats and prank calls to my brother-in-law’s place of work.

  3. Please keep your interest in me to myself alone. I can overcome my own pain with a smile.

  4. We are continuing to collect evidence in the cases above. I am informing everyone of this now so that there will be no cause for protesting sudden legal action.

  5. Please do not take photos of my parents or upload them online. This is a personal request. Capture them with your eyes alone. It’s not a problem if you take photos of me.

Junho is the latest celebrity to speak out against online attacks, either personal or financial, against their families. f(x)’s Luna and TWICE’s Jihyo recently shared that their accounts were hacked in order to scam their parents out of money.

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