2PM member Nichkhun will be joining JTBC’s upcoming variety show “The Team Chef” (literal title)!

“The Team Chef” is a global cooking variety show that will air in both South Korea and Thailand. Nichkhun will appear on the show as a “global taste judge” who will determine the winner.

“The Team Chef” is the first variety show to be co-produced by South Korea and Thailand, and will feature MCs from both countries. Top and amateur chefs will compete as Korea-Thailand teams in a collaborative cooking competition. The program will have the appeals of a cooking program and will show the growth and friendship of the Korean and Thai team members.

Nichkhun’s popularity in Thailand was shown through the success of his latest film. He recently starred as a lead in the film “Brother of the Year” which beat out “Avengers: Infinity War” and took the No. 1 spot at the Thai box office.

“The Team Chef” will air in June on JTBC.

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