JYP family shows what family love is all about.

On October 7, 15& had their dramatic debut on SBS’s “Inkigayo” with their song “I Dream” utilizing a string orchestra for the full effect of a grandiose stage. Miss A’s Suzy and 2pm’s Taecyeon visited their hoobaes to cheer them on.

Suzy uploaded a photo on her twitter with the caption, “Fighting to 15&’s Ye Rin and Jimin who just debuted.” The picture shows the three lovely ladies angled in front of the camera with various expressions.

Taecyeon wrote on his twitter, “I got to visit Inkigayo~ The kids are using the dressing room together so we took one photo shot.” He also uploaded a picture with fellow member Chansung and their hoobaes 15& and Baek Ah Yeon.

Netizens who had the chance to see the pictures commented, “2pm’s love for their hoobaes is warm,” “So the 3 girls really use the dressing room together,” “I look forward to 15&’s debut stage.”

Soompiers, who else do you want to see support 15&?