A member of “beastly idols” 2PM once again shows his sense of humor and comic side. Recently, local news agencies picked up a photo of 2PM’s Taecyeon dressed up as actor So Ji Sub’s character in the drama “I’m Sorry I Love You.”

Taecyeon himself posted the photo on his Twitter (@taeccool), revealing an uncanny likeness with the original he was copying. The idol paid attention to the details of the look, including the accessories such as necklaces of different lengths and armbands. The particular point of attraction is the big hair held off the forehead with a blue bandanna.

Netizens who have seen the photo commented with “Which is the real one? You look the same,” “I don’t know who is who,” “What a transformation,” and other such reactions. 

Most recently, Taecyeon also made the news for receiving a perfect score on his TOEIC exam.