2PM member and actor Taecyeon was featured in a photo shoot and interview in the July issue of “1st Look.”  In the style magazine, Taecyeon talks in depth about his new drama “Who Are You?” and reveals his hopes for 2PM.  

Taecyeon said: “After we debuted, until the time that we received major awards for “Heartbeat,” it took us two years.   What I’m saying is that other new groups had enough time to stomp down and mark their places.  But, as opposed to being on pins and needles, we gained a wider perspective [on the music industry].  This time, the thing that I felt as I watched Shinhwa [senior idol group], when you work a long time, as you do the work, you become more charismatic.  Like Shinhwa, as 2PM has its ups and downs, as time goes by, I hope there will come a day when just our existence is looked at as charismatic.”