2PM‘s Taecyeon received inspiration for his latest hairdo from none other than game character Iori Yagami from SNK Playmore’s “The King of Fighters ’95” video game. 

 Just to highlight the striking resemblance, fanboy Taecyeon took a photo with a tablet featuring Iori Yagami’s similar red and dramatic side-swept hairdo. 

Fans never experience a dull moment with Taecyeon’s tweets, which provide a daily dose of laughter over his off-the-wall, yet adorable humor. Just a couple of days ago, Taecyeon posted his own mini drama spoof of “I’m sorry I Love You,” with pitch-perfect mimicry of So Ji Sub‘s fashion. Fans have lovingly attributed this type of humor as the “Ock Tickle”, Ock for Taecyeon’s last name. 

 This time being no different, fans embraced Taecyeon’s hairdo and posted responses to his tweet with, “Last time you were So Ji Sub and now you’re Iori!”, “I love this hairdo more than your previous ‘do” and “I look forward to your next twitter post!”