On the 5th, 2PM appeared on SBS Power FM‘s ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,’ where many hidden truths were expressed. As members exchanged stories, likings and so on, Wooyoung’s confession definitely caught the attention of everyone on set.

Wooyoung was asked: ‘If you could only choose one person from Sulli or IU, who would it be?’ Wooyoung previously worked with Sulli as MCs for SBS‘s Inkigayo, while he has worked with IU, and even acted as lovers, in the popular drama, Dream High.

He selected the latter by choosing IU over Sulli, raising much attention from listeners and those on set. He honestly expressed that ‘I pick IU because of her overwhelming loyalty and that played a big role in my decision.’

There were many other hidden facts expressed as Chansung was chosen as most timid and generous, whilst Taecyeon was chosen to have the most love and friendliness.

2PM are currently very popular with the release of their 2nd album with title song Hands Up.

source: mydaily via naver