“The Best Chicken” is coming to an end!

The drama tells the stories of Park Choi Go who quits his job to open his own chicken restaurant (Park Sun Ho), Seo Bo Ah, who doesn’t want a fried chicken restaurant to open in the building she inherited from her grandfather (Kim So Hye), and talented but homeless young chef Andrew Kang (Joo Woo Jae).

With just two episodes until the conclusion, here are three things you should watch for:

1. Cooperation of Park Choi Go, Seo Bo Ah, and her three friends

Seo Bo Ah along with her three best friends Hwang Min Ah (Son Min Ji), Oh Young Ho (Jeon Seong Hwan) and Kim Gyu Man (Yoo Moon Chi) had harbored resentment towards Park Choi Go because he had set up a chicken restaurant in Seo Bo Ah’s building. However, the war over the chicken restaurant was forced to end because Park Choi Go and Kim So Hye became lovers. In the 11th episode, another person threatening the chicken restaurant will appear. It will be interesting to see whether former foes can join forces to protect their stores.

2. Andrew Kang’s involvement in the noodle business

Andrew Kang is the reason why Park Choi Go’s fried chicken has become so popular. The two of them endlessly researched for the perfect recipe, and now, Andrew Kang is offering a special solution for a naengmyeon (cold noodle) restaurant. It will be intriguing to find out what kind of successful tips he will give this particular business to make it as successful as the chicken one.

3. Jolly rooftop party for the matured youth

The growth of the clumsy young characters is also worth paying attention to. The three main leads bring warmth and laughter to the viewers with their growth and maturation. Especially, as the number of members of the rooftop party, which started with four members in the first episode, increased to eight, it brought automatic smiles to the viewers.

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