With the premiere just around the corner, expectations are high for OCN’s “Mistress.”

A remake of BBC’s popular television series “Mistresses,” the upcoming drama is a mystery thriller that centers around four women. The story unfolds as an everyday cafe owner, a psychiatrist, a teacher, and an office manager unexpectedly get caught up in a series of murders.

Not only does “Mistress” deal with an unusual topic, it’s also Han Ga In’s first return to television dramas in six years. In the drama, she plays the role of Jang Se Yeon, who believes her husband is still alive due to a string of mysterious events that happen around her. Here are three reasons why people are excited about Han Ga In’s comeback through “Mistress.”

1. Han Ga In’s passion for her role

Even for Han Ga In who enjoys watching thrillers and mysteries, the script of “Mistress” was compelling and original. She even said that every time she read a new script, she got chills.

Han Ga In revealed that she has been putting in careful effort to fully embody Jang Se Yeon who lives only with her daughter after her husband left. “I tried to understand her by writing diaries from Se Yeon’s point of view,” she said. “I imagined how she felt like while writing down the in-between parts that aren’t in the scripts.”

2. Han Ga In’s ability to relate to her character showing on screen

Han Ga In is pulled into the center of the mystery when she receives a call from an anonymous caller. As Jang Se Yeon, the actress has to take on both roles as a wife and a mother of a young girl named Ye Rin.

Han Ga In explained, “I was even more interested in her character because she was a mother of a child. To Se Yeon, her child and her husband matter the most. Because this is the case, I think the fact that I’m a mother of a child would be a great help to focusing and performing the character of Se Yeon.”

She added, “I relate to her a lot in terms of her feelings and the thoughts as a mother.”

3. Han Ga In had a great time on set

In a recent press conference, Han Ga In said, “This was the first time I thought ‘This is fun’ on the filming set.” Her passion for acting is reportedly impressive as she keeps to her pledge that she would do her best to commit herself when on set. Her satisfaction with the story, her character, and the atmosphere of the filming set is expected to reflect in the drama itself.

“Mistress” starring Han Ga In premieres on April 28 at 10:20 p.m. KST.

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