MBC’s crime-fantasy drama “Two Cops” is halfway through its run, and with 16 episodes to go, the drama has revealed three things to look out for in its second half.

“Two Cops” is about a violent crimes unit Cha Dong Tak (played by Jo Jung Suk) whose body is possessed by the soul of a con man Gong Su Chang (played by Kim Seon Ho), and follows their story as they meet and fall in love with tough and prickly reporter Song Ji An (played by Hyeri).

1. Dong Tak x Su Chang use possession to take on the influence of the dark enemy

From detective Jo Hang Joon’s (played by Kim Min Jong) murder to all the cases that have followed, the truth has slowly begun to emerge. The details surrounding the detective’s death are coming into focus in context of the situation. In the second half of the drama, it will be a close fight between the Dong Tak x Su Chang combo and those who wish to hide the mystery behind the murder.

2. The love triangle between Jo Jung Suk, Hyeri, and Kim Seon Ho

When it comes to their investigation, Dong Tak and Su Chang have a partnership like no other, but when it comes to Ji An, it’s a completely different story. Currently, Ji An sees the two as one person, and as she has kissed both of them, their love lines are becoming more and more tangled. It will be interesting to see how their stories will play out in the second half – who Ji An will choose and how she will react when she finds out about their two identities.

3. Jo Jung Suk and Kim Seon Ho’s 49 days

Amidst Dong Tak and Su Chang’s busy investigation into their enemy, they have an obstacle, a deadline of 49 days. As they underwent various situations, time has passed by quickly, leaving viewers curious as to how much time the duo have left. Not only do they have to find their enemy, but they also need to solve the mystery regarding Su Chang’s father’s death, restore his honor and bring justice, and return Su Chang to his body.

A source from the drama stated, “Today’s episode of ‘Two Cops’ will begin with a situation that will shock viewers. This will be the turning point that transitions the drama into its second half, and will also evolve Dong Tak and Su Chang’s investigation.”

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