MBN’s “Rich Man, Poor Woman” has grabbed viewers on Wednesdays and Thursday nights with its fast-paced, fun storyline.

Here are some things to look out for as the drama progresses!

1. The complicated web between EXO’s Suho, Ha Yeon Soo, Oh Chang Suk, and Kim Ye Won

Last week, Min Tae Ra (played by Kim Ye Won) appeared and introduced herself as the younger sister of Min Tae Joo (played by Oh Chang Suk). She made a strong impact with her straightforward attitude and kiss scene with Lee Yoo Chan (played by Suho).

Lee Yoo Chan also started his love-hate relationship with Next In’s newest employee Kim Bo Ra (played by Ha Yeon Soo) and has started to pay attention to her. Kim Bo Ra also formed a friendly relationship with Min Tae Joo who takes good care of her at work.

The four characters are becoming entangled in a complicated web as the storyline progresses. After Min Tae Joo and Kim Bo Ra witnessed the kiss between Lee Yoo Chan and Min Tae Ra, it has made viewers wonder what will happen next between these four characters.

2. Preview of an unpredictable romance and unexpected love line

The upcoming fifth and sixth episodes of “Rich Man, Poor Woman” will show some unexpected romance. Kim Bo Ra previously described Lee Yoo Chan as “someone who pretends to be a bad person but is actually a good person” before Min Tae Ra appeared and created an unexpected love triangle.

This made viewers wonder if Min Tae Ra and Kim Bo Ra will be able to move Lee Yoo Chan, who is still on the lookout for his first love “Kim Boon Hong.”

3. Ha Yeon Soo’s impending termination and the next receiver of the “death mail”

Everyone wants to work at IT company Next In, where employees who record the highest sales are rewarded with amazing incentives. Employees who fail to perform, however, receive “death mail” notifying them of their termination from employment.

Kim Bo Ra is now the newest employee at the company and is working hard to create a new game with Cha Do Jin (played by Park Sung Hoon) in hopes of not becoming the next receiver of the “death mail.”

Who will become the next receiver of the “death mail” and will IT rookie Kim Bo Ra be able to survive another week at Next In?

Find out when “Rich Man, Poor Woman” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11 p.m. KST.

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