Yong Jun Hyung tweeted on October 24, “There are only 4 more ’WE’ performances to go. I feel so nervous. There are 3 things waiting for my return in Korea. I can’t go to sleep. I heard the weather in Korea got very cold. Take care of your health everyone.”

He also uploaded a photo of himself wearing a white T-shirt that writes “Yong Par E,” but his confident facial expression and pose did not match with the comical text on his T-shirt.

BEAST fans found the picture very amusing, as they said, “Yong Jun Hyung used to be so fashionable.”  

The fans wondered what Yong Jun Hyung meant by 3 things waiting for him. Curious netizens commented, “1 of the 3 things is your girlfriend Goo Hara?” and “I am so curious about what the 3 things are.”

Our guess is family, BEAST, and friends, but what do you think?