On July 9th around 3PM local time,  European fans gathered in London in an attempt to bring YG artists like Big Bang and 2NE1 to London.  About 300 fans met at the Trafalgar Square and walked along the Thames River to the Korean Cultural Centre about 1.6km away. The flashmob lasted about two hours. 

“Bring YG to the UK” flashmob was a bit different from other flashmobs in that fans performed freestyle dances to their favorite YG stars’ music rather than cover dances.  Fans energetically chanted “Bring YG to the UK” and sported similar fashion styles as Big Bang and 2NE1.

A representative of YG Entertainment stated, “The participators weren’t limited to those in London. Fans from France and other European countries made the trip to London just to participate in the flashmob.” YG artists have been invited to the “London Thames Festival,” held this coming September, and European fans were anxious to see their favorite stars in person.