Cube Entertainment’s singers, 4minute, BEAST, and G.NA are now PR ambassadors for the KAC. (Korean Airports Corporation.)

The KAC announced on July 5th, “The idols 4minute, BEAST, and G.NA that are on the peak of Asian stardom have been chosen as PR ambassadors.” “The Korean Wave stars of Cube Entertainment have a dynamic image that match the image of Kimpo International Airport.

A new line into Beijing was opened on July 1st and the KAC have targeted nations like Japan and China where a lot of tourists come in who are also fans of the Korean wave. Cube Entertainment has stated, “Currently Asian stars are developing into world stars, and this is significant that these stars were chosen as KAC’s PR Ambassadors.”

Currently the singers will join an event commemorating their status as PR ambassadors to be held in the morning of July 6th.

Source: Nate