Singer Gummy has finally released her new album “Loveless” after two years.

The title song “As A Man” is #1 on Mnet chart and has also quickly moved up
other music charts. What is special this time is that the
popular songs from Gummy’s album “Loveless” are different on other
music sites.

Currently the title song “As A Man” is #1 on Mnet and Dosirak. “Because Of You” is doing well at #2 on Cyworld, and “There is no Love”
is #10 on Melon. At the same time the song “What to do” is also doing
very well on some charts. With that, it seems that 4 songs out of the
album are all competing with one another on various charts.

Even though there are also sites where all the songs including the title
song are all doing well up the chart, having different
songs are popular on different charts is rare and
even officials are surprised to see this. A YG Entertainment rep said,
“While Gummy was preparing for the album, the songs ‘There is no love’
and ‘As a man’ is to show a transformation in Gummy while ‘Because Of
You’ and ‘What to do’ is the usual ballad R&B genre which Gummy will
do. This is an album that will show both Gummy’s new features as well
as her usual style. We see that this may be why different songs are up
popular on different album charts.”

Gummy will have her comeback stage on MBC Music Core on May 8.

She also recently performed a live showcase for her album. Check out the performances.  
[Live] GUMMY – As a
Man @「LOVELESS」Showcase!

GUMMY – What should I do? @「LOVELESS」Showcase!

[Live] GUMMY
– Because Of You @「LOVELESS」Showcase!

GUMMY – There is no love @「LOVELESS」Showcase!

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