SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama “The Fiery Priest” premiered on February 15, gaining attention for being SBS’s first drama in this new time slot.

Here are four reasons you should tune in to this unconventional comedy:

An extreme investigative comedy

“The Fiery Priest” has been described as an “extreme investigative comedy,” in which a passionate Catholic priest (Kim Nam Gil) teams up with a foolish detective (Kim Sung Kyun) to solve the murder of an elderly priest and get caught up in the plans of a criminal group known as the “devil’s cartel.”

The show aims to expose the corruption and the sin at the heart of society, while satirizing them to make them entertaining for the audience. In this way, the show is expected to help viewers release the stress of the week in watching the lifelike characters navigate social problems in a funny way.

A priest like you’ve never seen before

“The Fiery Priest” has also garnered attention for its portrayal of a type of character we’ve never seen before in K-drama: a Catholic priest with anger management issues. Kim Nam Gil plays Kim Hae Il, a priest who can’t control his anger whenever he sees injustice and swears freely at evil people who live comfortably despite their crimes.

Moreover, Kim Nam Gil takes on many action scenes in this drama because his character was a National Intelligence Service agent before he entered priesthood. He became a priest due to a traumatic incident in his past, which will be a key point in the drama.

Synergy between great actors

Many viewers are anticipating the synergy between Kim Nam Gil, Kim Sung Kyun, and Honey Lee, who play the lead roles in the cast. Kim Nam Gil, as described above, is playing a wholly new character in the prickly, ready-to-fight priest Kim Hae Il. Kim Sung Kyun, a veteran actor known for his character roles, is playing the cowardly detective Goo Dae Young and is expected to bring a lot of the comedy to the show. Honey Lee plays the ambitious prosecutor Park Kyung Sun.

Meanwhile, the villainous “devil’s cartel” are played by an array of talented actors such as Go Joon, Lee Moon Shik, Kim Won Hae, Jung In Ki, Jung Young Joo, Han Ki Joong, and Kim Hyung Muk. Geum Sae Rok plays a new detective on the squad with a lot of swag, while Jung Dong Hwan plays a priest who was like a father to Kim Nam Gil’s character. Other characters at the cathedral will be played by Baek Ji Won and Jun Sung Woo.

A production staff you can trust

“The Fiery Priest” was written by the screenwriter of the well-received office drama “Chief Kim,” Park Jae Bum, and directed by Lee Myung Woo, who brought “Punch” and “Whisper” to life. Park Jae Bum is expected to bring his trademark wit to this new “extreme investigative comedy” genre and is known for his unique and layered characters. Lee Myung Woo, on the other hand, is known for his lively direction and is skilled in the investigative drama genre.

“The Fiery Priest” will be available on Viki. Check out the trailer below!

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