Recently, I reported on Jung Il Woo’s questionable aiport fashion style, matching denim with denim and topping it off with red socks. On July 4th, the stylish Scheduler from the “49 Days” headed off to Vancouver, Canada to shoot MTV’s “ONE MORE TIME – Ready Action Jung Il Woo Edition,” as well as a photospread for fashion magazine “CeCi.” His ten-day journey started in Vancouver, but took him throughout the beautiful provinces of Canada.

Canadian fans flocked to Vancouver to catch a glimpse of the star. Lucky fans were able to snap a photo with Jung Il Woo and uploaded them to Twitter, causing a buzz throughout the internet. One fan stated, “A lot of the Korean international students share information on Twitter, and it was there I first heard about Jung Il Woo’s visit to Canada. My friends and I decided to track him; and luckily, we found him.”

Jung Il Woo was seen taking pictures and signing autographs for fans who were able to find him. Fans were touched when he didn’t refuse anyone and thanked all for coming. Jung Il Woo’s “ONE MORE TIME – Ready Action Jung Il Woo Edition” will air on MTV early August.