On July 4th, actor Jung Il Woo was spotted at the Incheon International Airport just as he was about to leave for Canada to shoot M-TV’s “ONE MORE TIME – Ready Action Jung Il Woo Edition.” Jung played the widely-loved Scheduler (a modern-day Grim Reaper) in the popular drama “49 Days,” starring Lee Yeo Won, Nam Gyuri, and Jo Hyun Jae. His quirkily humorous and fashionable character caused a sensation early this spring; and he was able to establish himself as one of the most stylish actors in Korea.

Yesterday, Jung Il Woo showed up to the airport decked out in denim. Matching denim with denim used to be a big no no in fashion, and many considered it a rule of thumb to avoid such pairing. The actor completely ignored conventions by matching dark-colored denim jacket with a pair of a much lighter ripped shorts and clean white sneakers. He topped his fashion by wearing striking red socks, completing the red, white, and blue look.

What do you think of Jung Il Woo’s look? Is it still a fashion faux-pas to pair denim with denim?