Vocal Group 4Men, who will soon be returning to the stage on January 28, revealed their second teaser video.

The first teaser, which was released on January 22, was shot by 4Men’s members’ on cell phones and attracted a lot of fans’ attention. On January 25, a second teaser was released on 4Men’s music YouTube Channel and on other music sites.

The new teaser shows a boy falling in love at first sight with a new girl that has just been transferred to the school. The teaser also cuts in and out of scenes of the group performing their song, “Hello, It’s Me.”

Despite the short 51 second video, it clearly shows the excitement of the boy and girl’s first love feeling. Fans are now eagerly anticipating the full length video.

Meanwhile, 4Men will be returning to the spotlight by releasing their new mini album and holding a January 28 showcase at Chungdam Ellui to celebrate their fifth album, ”The True Story.”