4MEN once again touches the hearts of fans with their angelic voices in their new music video for “You’re My Home.

The music video is simple yet packed with emotion. Both members can be seen in the set of an old house, sitting on stools as they sing their hearts out. The plain background and lack of special effects give listeners an opportunity to focus on the song’s lyrics and melody, which express gratitude for a stable, unchanging love.

Released on June 1, “You’re My Home” is the 5th installment of VIBE Entertainment‘s single project “Made in THE VIBE.”

The song riffs on the 90s pop ballad with a piano-based melodic instrumentation. The song was written by Lee Soo Bin and composed by MC the Max‘s Choi Sung Il and 4MEN’s Shin Yong Jae.

You're My Home

Check out the music video below!

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