Girl group 4minute member, HyunA, revealed her secret to a perfect figure.

On March 10, the singer posted a selca picture of herself exercising on a treadmill with the caption: “After practice euhuh euhuh (laugh).” It is evident that HyunA is passionate to take care of her body despite the late time.

In the reflection of the mirror wall, HyunA has her hair tied into a ponytail while zealously exercising. Her slender body line is still visible through the loose, white t-shirt and hot pants. Her pink colored sneakers also gave a point to her cuteness.

Fans and netizens who came across the selca picture commented, “She must be tired, it is so late. So her secret to a perfect figure is the treadmill?”, “Her legs are really pretty even though she is wearing sneakers,” and “HyunA is always prettier when she is not glamorized.”