4minute member, HyunA, shared two pictures showing off her pale skin, long skinny arms, and legs. The singer uploaded the pictures on her Twitter with the caption, “The water absorbed hand looks big. It is not just abnormally big in a scary way” on March 4.

In the revealed pictures, HyunA is wearing a black colored sleeveless dress and spraying mist on her face. She is smiling as if she feels her dry skin is being rejuvenated by the mist. Her clear, pale skin, long skinny arms, and legs also capture the attention of the viewer.

Fans and netizens commented, “HyunA is a real skin goddess,” “No other cutie like her,” “Is she that thin because her skin eats up all the nutrients?”, “Her skin shines,” and “How can she be so slim? I want to protect her.”