4minute was picked as the girl group with the worst stage outfits. On TV Chosun entertainment news program “Entertainment in TV – Cold Chart,” 4minute was part of the selection for the “girl group with the best and worst stage outfits.” Unfortunately, they got first place for the worst outfits.

Recently, 4minute returned with their third mini album, “Volume Up,” which gained much popularity. However, their outfits could not live up to their popularity and earned them the number one spot as worst outfits.

With a Medieval European style vampire concept, 4minute was trying to show off their sophistication with their outfits. Instead of admiration, people thought that the outfits were too much for the members who are in their early 20s.

There were unique outfits that looked like the body was wrapped with scarves. Viewers, however, thought it was too chaotic both for their eyes and mind, especially with their powerful performance. It is being said that this is when too much can be a bad thing.

Watch 4minute’s MV below to see some of their outfits.