Following the release of two concept teaser photos earlier this week, 4Minute has now released their first teaser video for their comeback song “Volume Up.”

In the teaser video the girls are wearing heavy makeup and dark clothes, similar to what they were wearing in the more recent teaser pictures. Brief and shaky close up shots of each of the members are seen, followed by Hyuna turning around at the end to reveal her bold red eyes. 

“Volume Up” was produced by Shinsadong Tiger and is the title track of 4Minute’s upcoming third mini album. Set for release on April 9, it has been reported to contain a total of eight tracks.

Stay tuned to Soompi as more information on 4Minute’s upcoming album will be revealed soon.

Are you excited for their comeback? What do you think of their new concept? As seen in the concept picture from the first teaser, they will likely promote a cuter song as well.